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More Magic in Hastings Old Town.

HAstings Old Town in the Morning...the Bourne in the morning

HAstings Old Town in the afternoon
and later that day - what's going on?

On the morning of 8th April I’d just taken my wife to work in St.Leonards. With the sun shining and cheering everything up I decided to take the scenic route home via the Old Town, trusty camera at my side. I don’t know why but I just had to stop to photograph the small grassy area on eastern side of of The Bourne - opposite the car park – so I stopped to capture it for posterity. Imagine my surprise when passing the same spot in the late afternoon I was bewitched by the appearance, as if by magic, of a flower-filled giant’s wheelbarrow – if I hadn’t seen the empty space that morning I’d swear it had always been there.

As luck would have it well-known Old-Towner DeeDay White, who doesn’t miss much of what’s going on in the Old Town, also just happened to be passing so I asked him about it  and his reply was "Dunno who put it there, must have been magic or the fairies, and there are a few Easter Bunnies in the vicinity - they’re usually quite active at this time of year you know" Oddly enough a year ago a magic garden appeared 'by magic' a bit nearer the sea on the other side of the road and a year before that a magic garden appeared at the High Street end of Courthouse Street.

It’s been suggested that the High Street Traders and the Old Town community may know more that they’re saying and that transport may have been arranged by Robert Morgan – but I’ve no evidence of any of that.

This article first appeared in issue 40 of "Hastings Town"

Magic Garden in the Old Town

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