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Even More Magic in Hastings Old Town.
Phone Box in Hastings Old Town - before
Phone Box in Hastings Old Town - after
...and after

More Old Town Magic.

Last week I just happened to be at the end of All Saints Street and I spotted a forlorn telephone box, scruffy, dirty and with missing windows. Word round the Old Town was that BT had been asked to do something about it and had declined – would the cost affect someone’s bonus or were they hoping that if it became enough of an eyesore they could remove it and flog it off ?  Imagine my surprise when, passing by couple of days later, I noticed a complete transformation – the windows had been replaced, the interior swept and cleaned and the ‘phone box repainted! Not only that but two planters, complete with plants and trellis had appeared as well.

Of course I have no idea who was responsible – I know it wasn’t BT though - but coincidentally Deeday White, he with his finger on the pulse of the Old Town, does live just round the corner and it’s rumoured that he does have a hotline to the elves. It could of course be that the Hastings Old Town Community is setting a brilliant example by taking a pride in their surroundings.  

Ion Castro. June 2011

and the 'phonebox has a secret life too - captured for Youtube

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