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Magic in Hastings Old Town - Update.

Fairies in the Old TownBefore (above) and after (right)
Fairies in the Old Town
Fairies in the Old Town

Fairies in the Old Town again?

Ion Castro writes: I was sitting at home gazing out the window at the Castle, as you do when you are waiting for summer to turn up when the ‘phone rang and it was DeeDay White, man-about-the-Old-Town, to tell me that the fairies had been out and about again and had left a lot of flower planters strategically placed around the Old Town to brighten the place up, they’d even ‘updated’ the boat in the Bourne just above the old ‘Kings Head’ pub.

Ion Castro, July 2013

Fairies in the Old Town

Just a few of the planters that have appeared around Hastings Old Town in the course of a few days in the spring of 2013





This article first appeared in 'Hastings Town' vol 67

Fairies in the Old Town
Fairies in the Old Town
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